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The Freeze Dryer Must Pay Attention To Some Problems During Use.

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The freeze dryer must pay attention to some problems during use. Only after paying attention can it be used better to avoid the safety hazard. Let's let Xiaobian give you a detailed introduction to the precautions during the use of the freeze dryer. .

The first point is the inspection work before the operation of the freeze dryer. It is not only necessary to inspect the parts, but also to check the air inside the freeze dryer. It is necessary to ensure that it is clean and free of any air, otherwise it will affect the drying effect.

The second point is the load problem of the freeze dryer. When the freeze dryer is used, it is not allowed to place the material in the first place. It should wait until it is warmed up for a while before it can be placed. If the machine is used under load, it will cause malfunction. occur.

The third point is the problem of the operation of the freeze dryer. When the freeze dryer is automatically turned off during operation, it needs to wait for three minutes before it can be turned on. It must not be started immediately, otherwise the fault will occur because of the The automatic shutdown phenomenon is definitely a problem inside, so it is necessary to wait. It may be caused by internal load phenomenon. It can only be used better after waiting for a while.

Nowadays, the vacuum freeze-drying technology has a lot of technical advantages. In many cases, people can achieve good work results and effects by using the freeze dryer. Today's freeze dryers are not only widely used in medicine, biological products, food, blood products, active substances, but also in other places.

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