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Service-oriented Freeze Dryer

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Freeze dryers With the continuous development of freeze-drying technology and freeze dryer technology, freeze-drying is being used more and more widely in the development of aseptic preparations. The lyophilization process is one of the most critical processes throughout the lyophilized sterile formulation process, and the freeze dryer is the most critical core device. The freeze-drying process is a process, how to do freeze-dried products, concentrated in freeze-drying technology and freeze dryer technology.

The freeze dryer has excellent performance, which can make the moisture in the food dry directly from the solid state under the slurry and vacuum conditions, without liquid evaporation. It can preserve the original color, fragrance, taste and shape of the food to the utmost extent. The original nutrients and active substances are rarely destroyed, and the rehydration is rapid. There is no need to use preservatives. After drying, the products are popular. Type food freeze-drying machine Energy-saving food freeze dryer, mainly includes quick freezing library for material freezing, drying chamber for sublimation dehydration, and auxiliary systems such as refrigeration, vacuum and heating.

In order to make China's drying technology fully catch up with the level of international advanced countries, there are many things to be done, but the close integration of academia and industry is one of the most important factors. To develop from a dry country to a dry and powerful country, China must further strengthen basic theoretical research, consolidate the application of research and application development, and strengthen the research on automation, testing technology, manufacturing process and material material design. .

The survey found that freeze dryer equipment is often used in the food processing industry, and there are many manufacturers of freeze dryers on the market, which makes the industry more competitive. However, it is also seen that some people are not aware of the competitive performance of the freeze dryer industry. I got some answers by consulting some factory staff.

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