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The strengths and weakness about freeze dryer

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There are various drying methods, such as sun drying, boiling drying, drying, spray drying and vacuum drying, etc., but the common drying methods are usually carried out at a temperature above 0℃ or higher. Drying products generally have the problem of shrinking volume and hardening texture, most volatile components will be lost, some heat-sensitive substances denaturation, deactivation, and some substances even oxidation. Therefore, compared with the dried products before drying, there is a great difference in character. The freeze-drying principle is basically carried out under 0℃, that is, under the frozen state of the product, and the analytical drying is generally not more than 60℃. In a vacuum, when the steam sublimates directly out, the drug remains in the frozen ice shelf, forming a spongy, porous structure, so it dries almost the same size. Just add water for injection and it will dissolve immediately before use again.

Compared with usualmethod, freeze-drying method has the following advantages:

* many heat-sensitive substances are not denatured or deactivated.

* when dried at low temperatures, there is little loss of some volatile components in the material.

* during the freeze drying process, microbial growth and enzyme action cannot be carried out, so the original characteristics can be maintained.

* as it is dried in a frozen state, the volume remains almost the same, retaining its original structure, and no concentration occurs.

* since the water in the material exists in the form of ice crystals after pre-freezing, the inorganic salts dissolved in the water are evenly distributed in the material. When sublimation occurs, dissolved substances in water will be precipitated out, avoiding the phenomenon of surface hardening caused by inorganic salts carried by internal moisture migration to the surface in general drying methods.

* after drying the material loose porous, spongy, add water dissolved quickly and completely, almost immediately restore the original character.

* since drying is done in a vacuum, there is very little oxygen, so some oxidizable substances are protected.

* drying can remove more than 95% ~ 99% of the water, so that the dried products can be preserved for a long time without deterioration.

* since the material is in the frozen state and the temperature is very low, the heat source temperature for heating is not high. The heater with normal temperature or low temperature can meet the requirements. If the freezer and drying chamber are separated, the drying chamber does not need insulation, will not have a lot of heat loss, so the use of thermal energy is very economical.


As there is no perfect technology, the main disadvantage of vacuum freeze drying technology is high cost. Since it needs vacuum and low temperature conditions, the vacuum freeze-dryer should be equipped with a set of vacuum system and low temperature system, so the investment cost and operating cost are relatively high.

"SJIALAB" - SJIA series freeze drying machine includes: laboratory economy N series vacuum freeze drier, economical FE series electric heating pilot vacuum freeze drier, F series of silicone oil heating small production, pilot production, and freeze-drying is greater than 3 square production-oriented drug vacuum freeze drier, SJFD food-grade vacuum freeze drier, six types of vacuum freeze dryer. Dozens of models can meet the needs of different users.

Applications: logistics, biology, medicine, chemistry, pathology, zoology, forensic identification, food and health products, archaeology, printing, geology, etc.

Application: for freeze-drying of bacteria, virus plasma, serum, antibody, vaccine, medicine, microorganism, yeast, cosmetic, health care products, Chinese herbal medicine, chemicals and plant extracts for biological research.

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