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Freeze Dryer System Failure Solution

Source:Ningbo Sjialab Equipment Co., Ltd.Time:2019-09-23Keywords:

The freeze dryer industry has made considerable progress in recent years, and product quality and after-sales service are also steadily improving. Experts said that the higher the marketization is mature, the higher the social concern, the higher the customer requirements, and the more intense the competition, the higher the level of quality management of the enterprise. The development of freeze dryers should also pay attention to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as the use of various joint heating methods, transplantation of heat pumps and heat pipe technology, development of solar freeze dryers, etc.; also develop automatic control technology of freeze dryers to ensure optimal The realization of operating conditions; In addition, with the emphasis on environmental protection, improving the environmental protection measures of freeze dryers to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas, etc., will also require in-depth research.

Chinese freeze dryer manufacturers must constantly learn from international advanced technology, combine practical experience, explore new processes, and continue to develop toward large-scale, high-intensity, high-economic trends. With the changes in market demand, the competition pattern of domestic large-scale freeze dryers has been broken. The number of manufacturers has grown from several to dozens of manufacturers, and the product technology level has developed rapidly. Compared with foreign products, the gap is getting more and more. Small, the development and progress of China's heavy-duty freeze dryer industry has been highly valued by the world's peers.

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