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The Freeze Dryer Industry Is Highly Competitive

Source:Ningbo Sjialab Equipment Co., Ltd.Time:2019-09-26Keywords:

In the view of the factory staff, the competition in the freeze dryer industry is fierce. From the content point of view, there are the following performances. First, the competition in the performance of freeze dryers. Some large machinery companies have mastered the core technology of the freeze dryer, making the freeze dryer equipment quality and performance. For example, the freeze dryer produced by Beijing Songyuan has good performance and has been highly praised by customers. Second, the price of freeze dryers competes. In order to increase sales of freeze dryers, some companies have introduced sales strategies that reduce prices. Of course, the price is the main reference factor for customers to purchase products. Third, the competition provided by the manufacturers. Some manufacturers help customers to provide personalized customized services, while also providing free maintenance services, which has won praise from the industry.

With the development of society, many places are using freeze dryers. The use of freeze dryers is very extensive and has brought us a lot of help, so it is very popular. Today we will understand the freeze drying. We can learn together the processing technology and working principle of the machine.

The freeze dryer is a freeze-drying process that plays a key role in the manufacture of certain biological products and pharmaceuticals. For example, the measles vaccine and BCG vaccine are only valid for 3 months in the case of cold preservation, and the BCG vaccine safety test takes 2 months to complete. The freeze-drying process keeps the live bacteria count of BCG in a qualified level after 4 to 5 years of storage. Freeze-drying process Biopharmaceuticals are mainly used in the production of biological, biochemical products, traditional Chinese medicine injection products and heat-labile antibiotic products.

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