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About after-sales service and warranty Policy

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International warranty certificate

If any malfunction is caused by quality related problems within one year from the date of received,the
product can be repaired for free.
The following item will not be involved in the warranty:
1. The malfunction is caused by misuse, negligence or accidents.
2. The Product original serial number label or product identification marks have been altered or removed.
3. The equipments have been modified or repaired by any other person who is not staff of our company

 Return Policy

The returning thing must be well packed before returning .If a whole machine is returned,it must be
packed in the original package.

The serial number must be marked on the outside of the parcel,and brief description for returning reason
must be sent together with returning thing.

After Warranty:
The customer is responsible for freight,insurance and any other charges for returned product.

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