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SJIA-5F freeze dryer Silicone heating

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Product Details

Programmable freeze dryer SJIA-5F  pilot freeze dryer /tray heating freeze dryer/ Medium-sized Lyophilizer / Bench In Situ Freeze Dryer/ effective in situ pilot freeze dryer lyophilisers
Pre-freeze dried in situ,high transmittance plexiglass viweing window
LCD display,PID control,the drying vurve;
Square tray is not easily deformed,easy to operate,easy to clean;
Can be configured inflation valve,ddsposable dry insert gas;
With tamponade,vacuum seal;
The LCD: shelf temperature curve,the cold trap temperature curve,
Sample temperture curve,the curve of the degree of vacuum and the composite curve,
16 programs can be steored,
Freeze dryer program parameters can be modified during operation,
And record the final drying curves,
Circuit system using PID control,
Can connect the computer real-time display of the freeze-dried curve.

Silicone heating