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SJIA-12N freeze dryer



A vertical freezing dryer in the laboratory,

The 7 inch screen shows the freeze-drying curve.

The cold trap temperature is <-55 C or -80 C;

Multiple selection


Service Hotline:+86 15306638822
Product Details

Product description 

   Vacuum freeze drying, lyophilization, and sublimation, is the water material pre freezing, a method so that sublimation in vacuum condition. After freeze dry goods, the original bio chemical characteristics, basic variable, can be stored for long time, water can be restored to the lyophilization morphological and biochemical characteristics, can maintain its original. Therefore, freeze drying technology in the chemical industry, biological products, widely used in food freezing dryer etc


Main Features


1. 7 inch color LCD touch screen display.

2 .LCD drying curve.

3 .transparent bell type drying chamber, safety directly.

4 .anti returning oil vacuum pump, placing the material pollution.

5 .the highest price of the laboratory of vacuum freeze dryer.

6 .mixed refrigerant, green refrigeration capacity. Integrated

7 .dry warehouse. No adhesive, high strength, no leakage.

8 .cold trap with pre freezing function, eliminating the low temperature refrigerator costs.

9.built-in heat exchanger, effectively reduce the temperature of cold trap, water catching ability

10.SECOP compressor. Low noise, high power, long life. nitrogen gas can be filled with nitrogen or inert gas keep after drying


Matching Guide 

SJIA-12N has five basic configuration: ordinary type, top-down type, general manifold, manifold -top down type, T type multi manifold (24).

The load form difference:

A: Ordinary type, suitable for loading bulk materials.

B: Top-down type, suitable for loading resistant materials in vials C: General manifold. Tube, suitable for loading plug-in bottled material.

D: Top down& multi manifold, suitable for loading bulk materials, materials and materials. Bottled bottled plug-in

E:T type pipe plug suitable for loading bottles and ampoule bottles materials.

Five models of freeze-dried sample type: water soluble solution, suspension or paste material, eutectic temperature higher than -20. (if the eutectic temperature below -20 degrees, need to choose the cold trap temperature is -80 degrees)



(1) the cold trap temperature -80 degrees (2) BAOSI vacuum pump (3) vials (4) oil mist filter (5) electric defrosting function